Wings (WINGS) Analysis

Market Cap

$4,104,511 USD

Volume (24h)

$678 USD

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Ranking factors:

  • Markets

    How many exchanges are there to trade this coin?

    Wings Markets Rank: 4/100

  • Volume Ratio

    How actively is this asset being traded on the market?

    Wings Volume Ratio Rank: 1/100

  • Market Cap

    The total cost of all coins available.

    Wings Market Cap Rank: 86/100

  • 24h Change

    Is the price moving up or down?

    Wings 24h Change Rank: 53/100

  • Social Following

    How many users are following this coin?

    Wings Social Following Rank: 88/100

  • Google Trends

    How many users are searching for the coin?

    Wings Google Trends Rank: 43/100

  • Twitter Citation

    How many users are talking about this coin in Twitter?

    Wings Twitter Citation Rank: 50/100

  • User Voting

    How popular is this coin among Cointobuy community?

    Wings User Voting Rank: 95/100

Wings investment analysis

This platform was created to help investors sort through the enormous pile of new ICOs that have begun to crop up. The product is definitely needed as there's no way to actually vet most of these investments before making them.

To that end, this decentralized platform for cryptocurrency organizations allows investors to get a better look at many of the nearly invisible or hard to put together factors which could make or break an investment.

The project's software uses social media signals and artificial intelligence to help traders to find the best ICO projects that they have had otherwise missed. All of this is built upon the Ethereum blockchain, and it is incentivized using prediction markets. Real people use this platform every day to lock up their tokens in smart contracts to pass judgment on these ICOs.

Successful participants earn rewards, and the system aggregates collected data for others to use. Keep reading if you're interested in making a wings investment, there's some fascinating potential behind this community-driven cryptocurrency platform.

Wings investment price
Wings expected Profit

The tool analyzes each currency for the 6-month historical price data, searches for possible patterns and showing possible profit rate in the coming months.

Wings Potential Price

The tool analyzes each currency for the 6-month historical price data, searches for possible patterns and showing the possible price in the coming months.

Wings Rating

The current coin position in cryptocurrency rankings by Safety Rank and Potential Profit.

by Safety
by Profit
historical data

How to buy Wings?

Investors who are looking to buy Wings will be able to do so on a variety of platforms, including at least one pretty popular option. The trading volume is also very good here, so there will be no problems making a trade. There are also several pairings which can be utilized including BTC, ETH, USDT, and BNC. Bitcoin is the highest volume pair, but there is plenty of liquidity available in the other options to facilitate a trade if you'd prefer to use those.

This is an ERC20 token. Interested investors will need to utilize a compatible Ethereum wallet in order to store their investment safely. For the most part, this will be a matter of opinion. Most of the wallets function very much the same, and you'll be good to go as long as you make sure you download a legitimate wallet. There are some scam apps running around that you should be careful of.

If you need a suggestion then you could try Coinomi or Jaxx for mobile devices. These are both very highly rated. Make sure to create a backup of your seed phrase though in case you lose your phone or it is damaged! This is the only way to get back into a wallet once your device has been damaged in any way.