QuarkChain (QKC) Analysis

Market Cap

$382,177,708 USD

Volume (24h)

$2,235,094,959 USD

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Ranking factors:

  • Markets

    How many exchanges are there to trade this coin?

    QuarkChain Markets Rank: 7/100

  • Volume Ratio

    How actively is this asset being traded on the market?

    QuarkChain Volume Ratio Rank: 100/100

  • Market Cap

    The total cost of all coins available.

    QuarkChain Market Cap Rank: 98/100

  • 24h Change

    Is the price moving up or down?

    QuarkChain 24h Change Rank: 100/100

  • Social Following

    How many users are following this coin?

    QuarkChain Social Following Rank: 85/100

  • Google Trends

    How many users are searching for the coin?

    QuarkChain Google Trends Rank: 1/100

  • Twitter Citation

    How many users are talking about this coin in Twitter?

    QuarkChain Twitter Citation Rank: 18/100

  • User Voting

    How popular is this coin among Cointobuy community?

    QuarkChain User Voting Rank: 94/100

QuarkChain investment analysis

Your QuarkChain investment is a decentralized and scalable blockchain. The chain exists on a two-layer structure, and they have implemented built-in ways to foster better decentralization by incentivizing smaller miners and node owners to continue to run these resources on their own.

Small nodes can even be pooled together to create a supernode for the network to help control the cost of owning a node down even, and thanks to sharding QKC is capable of processing over 100,000 transactions per second.

Developers will be able to deploy their applications on the Quarkchain network in order to take advantage of this speed. This is ideal for many applications which require a large number of transactions to be processed quickly and reliably. They will also support smart contracts, making it easy to automate many small actions which will lead to big results.

This project has taken a swift tumble in price like most other assets in the market, and that means savvy investors could potentially scoop up a great deal for themselves.

QuarkChain investment price
QuarkChain expected Profit

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QuarkChain Potential Price

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QuarkChain Rating

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How to buy QuarkChain?

It's possible to buy QuarkChain on a large number of reputable exchanges. Investors can likely take their pick from their usual favorites even. The trading volume is great, and there's also a decent number of pairing options available. Bitcoin is the highest volume option as per usual, but there's also plenty of wiggle room in both Ethereum and the US Dollar Tether pairing if you'd prefer to use one of those options.

This is an ERC20 token. Investors looking to safely store their tokens will need to utilize a wallet that is capable of storing Ethereum assets. There's lots of great options here, and as long as you pick a reputable wallet you can't really go wrong. Investors should be cautious of malicious apps that may be out to steal your funds though. Either use wallets recommended by the project's website or get safe recommendations from other sources to protect your investment. You could try something like the Trezor hardware wallet, Meta Mask for browsers or Coinomi's mobile multi-asset wallet. All of these are quite safe, and you will be in complete control of your funds.