Pascal Coin (PASC) Analysis

Market Cap

$2,911,871 USD

Volume (24h)

$108,266 USD

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Ranking factors:

  • Markets

    How many exchanges are there to trade this coin?

    Pascal Coin Markets Rank: 2/100

  • Volume Ratio

    How actively is this asset being traded on the market?

    Pascal Coin Volume Ratio Rank: 4/100

  • Market Cap

    The total cost of all coins available.

    Pascal Coin Market Cap Rank: 82/100

  • 24h Change

    Is the price moving up or down?

    Pascal Coin 24h Change Rank: 55/100

  • Social Following

    How many users are following this coin?

    Pascal Coin Social Following Rank: 81/100

  • Google Trends

    How many users are searching for the coin?

    Pascal Coin Google Trends Rank: 17/100

  • Twitter Citation

    How many users are talking about this coin in Twitter?

    Pascal Coin Twitter Citation Rank: 1/100

  • User Voting

    How popular is this coin among Cointobuy community?

    Pascal Coin User Voting Rank: 97/100

Pascal Coin investment analysis

This interesting project claims to be the first one that is able to function without an immutable ledger. Since the creation of cryptocurrencies, the ledger has helped to keep everyone honest. This system helps to avoid double spends, and it keeps the system accountable.

However, this is not the best system for maintaining privacy, and more and more cryptocurrency enthusiasts are finding out that Bitcoin is not nearly as private as they thought it was. With a little detective work, it’s actually not difficult to tie a person to a Bitcoin wallet, especially once it gets to fiat money, which is almost always verified by identity.

Your Pascal Coin investment, however, operates on something they call Safebox. This creates a hash to store the transactions, but there’s no need to keep them on the blockchain itself. While this is great for privacy, it also allows for PASC to provide greater scalability than currencies who have come before it.

The developers have a theoretical estimate of 72,000 transactions per second capability for this project, and that makes this an interesting advancement in cryptocurrencies that investors may want to read up on.

Pascal Coin investment price
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Pascal Coin Rating

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How to buy Pascal Coin?

The number of exchanges upon which investors can buy Pascal Coin is pretty small, but this little community has a surprising amount of volume available. Unfortunately, it is held within a less than desirable pairing since it is one based on a fiat currency. The highest volume pairing here is for CNY, a currency pegged to the Chinese Yuan. However, there are decent pairings for USDT and Bitcoin as well if you would prefer those options.

This asset has wallet software available for Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. In order to download the wallet, you’ll need to go to the project’s official Github page, and then download the package that corresponds to your operating system. Make sure to choose a strong password and then immediately create a backup of your wallet file in case of emergencies. This will be very important should you need to ever restore your wallet. Many investors have learned this the hard way, and they have valuable Bitcoin that they can no longer access. Don't let that happen to you!