NeosCoin (NEOS) Analysis

Market Cap

$124,302 USD

Volume (24h)


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Ranking factors:

  • Markets

    How many exchanges are there to trade this coin?

    NeosCoin Markets Rank: 3/100

  • Volume Ratio

    How actively is this asset being traded on the market?

    NeosCoin Volume Ratio Rank: 1/100

  • Market Cap

    The total cost of all coins available.

    NeosCoin Market Cap Rank: 51/100

  • 24h Change

    Is the price moving up or down?

    NeosCoin 24h Change Rank: 50/100

  • Social Following

    How many users are following this coin?

    NeosCoin Social Following Rank: 57/100

  • Google Trends

    How many users are searching for the coin?

    NeosCoin Google Trends Rank: 1/100

  • Twitter Citation

    How many users are talking about this coin in Twitter?

    NeosCoin Twitter Citation Rank: 1/100

  • User Voting

    How popular is this coin among Cointobuy community?

    NeosCoin User Voting Rank: 86/100

NeosCoin investment analysis

This coin was launched in 2014 as a decentralized web application, and it doesn't seem they've made much progress since then. While the developers are still posting on social media, investors should be aware that no significant progress has been made towards their initial goals. Trading volume continues to lessen here, and it's possible that they could be delisted from exchanges if it does not pick up.

The game plan for this cryptocurrency project is to create a decentralized hosting platform where users can host their content and then be rewarded for it. This platform would likely be similar to Steemit, but with the ability for users to host their own websites as well.

While this all seems like a nice idea the project itself is making very slow if any developments. Anyone interested in making a NeosCoin investment will need a great deal of patience. The release was scheduled for February, but so far there has been no updates on this.

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How to buy NeosCoin?

The selection of exchanges upon which can buy NeosCoin is rather small, but they are at least high-quality exchanges. In fact, they are surprisingly large volume partners. However, the volume for this individual asset is rather small, and investors should be careful when making a purchase. It's easy to pay too much on assets with low trading volume as they are subject to swift upticks in price if someone makes even a moderately sized purchase. Bitcoin is the only viable trading option here as the US Dollar Tether pairing does not hold adequate trading volume.

In order to store your investment, you'll need to visit the official website and download the wallet. The only link on the website seems to be for the Windows exe installer, but you may be able to get a Linux version from the project's github page. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a Mac version available for this cryptocurrency wallet and users of Apple products will need to find a work around somehow.