Bitcoin Sportsbooks – Guide to Best Crypto Betting Websites

Sportsbooks are present all over the world such as the United States and Europe. Individuals who are familiar with the world of speculation will realize that this concept is one that is fairly simple. Those who do not regularly frequent gambling or the arena of speculation will find that this is quite a comprehensible concept.

The term came about because it is associated with sports and that wonderful phenomenon of horse racing. Professionals will sometimes refer to this idea as the book.

But what exactly is this concept and why are people enamored with it?

The truth is that the book is one area where one who has a penchant for gambling can go and place a bet or two. One can go to these sites and lay odds as he or she would please to do. It is a wonderful place for those who would like to make gains and feel thrills related to putting money on a sport or an event.

Remember that one can witness potential gains by even betting on the future with soccer, hockey, baseball in addition to greyhound games. The idea here is to capitalize on the future by placing bets at the present moment on those that seem to have the right odds overall.

Now that we know what the original concept is we can talk about a bitcoin book.

A bitcoin sportsbook is just an evolved iteration of this age-old idea. The right bets made with bitcoin will occur and deploy to the winner when the event finishes. It is essential to remember that there can be some variation between policies that may cause a bit of confusion but those who run these places are ready to provide guidance and information. It is always a great idea to understand what is official and what is not to win and gain earnings.

Why Would You Use a Bitcoin Sportsbook?

Remember I noted that bitcoin can be a more evolved form of the age-old situation? Indeed it can be. The cryptocurrency is one that has been present since 2009 and lasts even to this very day. It was known to a few people and now the whole world knows about it in some form or fashion. People realize that it has more value and is not just present in esoteric areas on the world wide web.

Knowledge of the leading digital asset might have come about because of its opacity in an association between the sender and receiver. It is not something that is difficult to trace but it is something that is not as connected to the individual as one is with fiat to their bank account.

It is not only useful for certain activities it can be used for more such as betting at sportsbooks. That’s what people might not know about bitcoin and the value it brings to the table.

As the idea and the psychology around the digital currency changed so too did the growing interest in bitcoin and betting. It continued to grow and find appreciation from fans across the world and different sites saw it as a great addition to welcome more punters across the world. This means that people can play at places by buying bitcoin at restaurants or other places in different parts of the world.

Even still it is making its way into mainstream punting as more slowly adopt the concept into their books. Customers can now have another way to deposit funds into their favorite sportsbook and seek to make gains that will provide them with the thrills and kicks they need.

This way customers can use their traditional debit cards, credit cards, cryptocurrency, and other value mechanisms to deposit value in these books.

See bitcoin gives them more options to wager and earn on top of the regular volatility taking place within that sector.

But there are many more reasons why these operators and people are more quick to take this digital currency and integrate into their betting activities.

Let us find out why.

What Are the Advantages of a Bitcoin Sportsbook over a General Sportsbook?

Bitcoin deposits are fascinating and intriguing to all parties involved in the transaction. The depositors think they can earn and have more opportunities to play. Those who run these books would see that they can take advantage of the rise in the price of bitcoin if they were to hold it for the long term. It is a net benefit for all who participate in this endeavor it seems.

Did you know that there are those platforms who only turn to bitcoin for their operations? That is how popular the currency has become in the world today. That is why bitcoin sportsbooks are growing and fans are following along.

A large population of people are already flocking to this novel innovation and are comprehending how it works. Those who enter into the space today might very well still be in better shape than those who subscribe to the old ways.

The pioneers today will likely reap rewards before seeing some dilution as more enter the sector in the next few years.

The advantages are simplicity, speed, and convenience for the consumer. Users can quickly turn to the trusted cryptocurrency and send it over to their favorite sportsbooks without any concern. They don’t need to ask for permission or worry about any issues as they would with fiat currencies. It was a niche sector and fringe digital asset but it has become something much more over these past few years. What was once something that was only present with a few purveyors is now at quite a bit of spots.

Punters Love These Advantages

Simple Cash Reception

People want to draw their winnings as quickly as possible when looking at different digital betting websites. The faster the process and the simpler it is the better for all involved. Punters might expect large restrictions in some areas when dealing with a low amount of withdrawals.

Due to the nature of bitcoin it does not take forever to withdraw winnings from the sportsbook. That is what players love about it. They do not have to sit around and twiddle their thumbs waiting for their hard-earned money.

The mechanism that is bitcoin works on a different process that is different from the banking and payment rails present in the traditional world. That is what makes it more efficient. Independent processes take care of the transaction. Users can see their earnings in their bitcoin accounts.

Bitcoin sportsbooks allow players to cash out instantly. Winnings can be quickly withdrawn to a Bitcoin wallet, ready to be spent in minutes or even seconds. Players who have access to a Bitcoin ATM could even choose to withdraw online winnings and receive them as physical cash that same day.


Bitcoin is interesting because it lets people transact without all of the transparent hassles that are present in the traditional finance sector. More individuals are seeking privacy in the present world, even in gaming. Further, they might go to extra lengths to obscure their identity.

People appreciate the obscurity that they have with this digital currency while they place their bets. The asset is designed in a manner that minimizes visibility into profiles.

Optimal Levels of Security

The digital currency is very secure due to cryptography and other mechanisms that continue to keep it and the participants safe. Transactions can continue to happen without worry as it has been for more than nine years now. That is why people can make deposits, conduct withdrawals, and then send transactions at will. It is a valuable asset that will continue to stick around because of the legitimacy of its codebase.

The cryptocurrency was made with rails and processing to endure and overcome potential spam attacks. That is why these people turn to secure ways of accessing and checking their account to continue to have a pleasant experience when punting and transacting. With the right measures such as 2FA and extreme security implementations, they can keep safe and play well.

Other things You Should Know about a Bitcoin Sportsbook

Bitcoin adds significant value to a player and their over experience but this does not mean that one should just run to any book that offers this option. Every crypto betting website is not made the same and this means that one must search for the right ones in this space before having the right amount of fun.

Remember to make the right decision here and choose well as you must be comfortable with your ultimate choice or handful of choices. There are many ways to narrow down your choices and we will discuss them here over the next few sections. You would look for similar signs in your present book as well as others.

Further, there are a few aspects that you must be aware of when searching for sportsbooks that optimize for bitcoin.

Price Swings

Remember to think about bitcoin volatility and the role that this will play in your punting life and overall journey. The leading digital asset is known to sway from side to side before gyrating downward and upward. The technological phenomenon is one that can see massive movements in the short term.

A few Bitcoin betting platforms are known to even reflect the price of wagers in the technology currency as opposed to fiat and this one aspect to be aware of in the realm. That means if bitcoin went up your value would go up as well in your balance. If it went down that will reflect in your account.

There is a large portion of these houses that will keep it traditional and reflect values in dollars or other fiat currencies to keep life simple overall. This way punters can look at their balance and feel a sense of stability.

Blockchain Ecosystem Fees

A large portion of entities in this sector does not impose additional costs in relation to transactions when looking at inputs or money removal. You must think about the movement of bitcoin from your wallet itself. The miners will ask for fees and your exchange might impose a transfer fee as well. Further, you have additional costs when purchasing the cryptocurrency.

These fees or levies will vary based on peak times and slow times. The medium is great when there are slow times in activity on the blockchain but can be somewhat of an impediment in high-frequency trading times. Have a thorough understanding of the different costs involved because it will play a significant role in your success in this domain.

Slow Processing

One must also understand that congestion can appear in peak times of digital asset activity. Congestion or transaction traffic can lead to slow processing times and slow transfers only at certain periods of time. The only reason this affects a punter is that the value might change slightly before the deposit hits your recipient account at the punting location.

Choose Goodness

Always associate with great people and wonderful entities in this area so that you start on the right foot. This helps to minimize current and potential problems and helps you focus on what you are here to do.

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Sportsbook?


We are all aware that reputation matters over the long run and the short run. This is true in life and in punting. When it comes to cryptocurrency betting websites we want to make sure that we select those that have an amazing reputation in the sector.

Those who possess a stellar rating from the community will have a few common characteristics.

These characteristics include:

  • The existence time frame or how long they have been around in the world
  • Customer support and how quickly they resolve situations
  • If they honor everything that they promise from bonuses to making sure customer experience is fantastic
  • Transparency in a variety of ways

It is safe to say that if someone has a great experience or a multitude of individuals have had an amazing experience, they will note it. If they had negative and distasteful experiences, they will talk about this as well. One can find the reputation of different places quickly with a few searches and understand how prominent and well an entity operates. This is one factor that should be at the very top of your selection process.

Any punter would do well to choose his associates wisely in this arena.

A Lot of Sports to Place Bets On

Options galore is necessary for punters of all stripes. Take a second and think about the reason you frequent Bitcoin sportsbooks. You will realize that it is because you can see a variety of options to place your wagers.

The more games, events, and situations that you can play with, of course, the better it is for you to have a great time. These options add a little more color to your life and provide you with a wider spectrum to enhance your life and transform your state of betting.

The lack thereof may be a bit dreary and be less interesting overall. That is why novice and professional punters always search for a buffet of options at their place of wagering with cryptocurrency before conducting any movements of capital.

Speed Support

Imagine you have a problem with a facilitator of sorts. You need to get a hold of someone who can help you from the entity. The problem is urgent, it is immediate, it must be resolved as quickly as possible. But alas, no one is there to heed your call.

What do you do? Are you going to come back and frequent this crypto bookie? Maybe, you might have minimal options and might not want to switch. But you will not have a great opinion of the place. This is true in the punting realm as well.

You want to be with proprietors who can take care of you and will invest in their customer support and service.

This means that you want to be in a sportsbook that will get back to you within a day or two.

Life presents predicaments and problems but if you have great people by your side it will be hard for you to falter. That is why those who are entering this sector and also are here for a while will continue to prioritize the idea of top-notch and friendly customer support.

Different Crypto to Deposit and Withdraw

This is not something that might be high on many people’s lists when choosing a sportsbook but it can be important to some. People might want to do some arbitrage pre or post speculation and might not prefer bitcoin but other coins such as Litecoin or Ethereum. They might have a variety of reasons as to why they prefer to go with one business that offers many digital value mediums to choose from post play.

If you are interested in accessing these options, remember that there are several people out there who will think about you and will cater to your needs.

Fair Welcome Offers

Incentives are a critical part of life and it is true in betting as well. This world of sportsbooks offers a great deal of incentives. Don’t be afraid to look for the ones that seem the most appealing and start with those establishments.

They will be fun and will let you spend your time on wagers for the right events with additional capital to spend. Of course, remember that the additional incentives are there for you to spend and not to keep.

That is why you must be serious about sticking around, playing, and using the offer by placing wagers on potential outcomes.

Every punter deserves to have a little additional grease to move their wheels, you are one of them.

Regular Promotions

Pay attention to crypto betting promotions and the frequency of these offers. They play a large role in your punting activities. For instance, you can play regularly but then increase your activities because of additional offers that provide you with more money to play within the short and long run.

These offers are great because they help you to hone and refine your skills in this sector.

Further, they let you access more opportunities that you might not have been able to if you were only playing with your money.

Competitive Odds

As a player, you want to have competitive odds. The proper ones who run the book will form the odds in a way that is very fair.

They will look for potential situations that might create undue harm for bettors and seek to minimize those events. Further, remember that they are interested in keeping customers and should make sure to lower the chance of match-fixing overall.

Price coordination and excess profits for those who run the book are not competitive odds inducing for players. This is another reason to think about starting with the reputation of the maker before playing.

Competitive odds matter a great deal.

Bitcoin Sportsbook bonuses

Let’s get right into the different types of bonus avenues that are present for punters such as yourself.

Deposit Match Bonus

It is quite straightforward. The idea present here is that the entity will bless you with an equivalent credit in relation to money in your account. What is great about this offer is that it is not just for new folks but for people who are new as well.

Here is an example to give you an idea of how this plays out:

  • You input $100 into your account at a specific location.
  • The entity decides to provide you with credits for $100.
  • You now have $200 to play within your account. The first $100 is yours, the second is theirs and you must wager to withdraw it.
  • Place bets

The great aspect of these is that it is not only for those who are new to the place but for those who have been around for quite some time as well.

Risk-Free Bets

Do not be alarmed fellow punters by this vague term. One must realize that such a term only indicates that you can have an opportunity to play without any negative consequences. For instance, you make a bet for $50 on some event. Lady luck deals you a bad hand and you lose. What do you do? Weep? Maybe in some cases. But with a risk-free bet you do not lose as the entity will credit that value back into your account.

This option is available to first time players in most cases.

Free Bets

Here you get a gift of a free bet on whatever event or situation that you like. If you win, you can keep the value and even take it out of your account. If you lose, no worries, it wasn’t your money.

Boosted Odds

Yes, this is exactly what it is and sounds like. You don’t need anyone to tell you, may the odds be in your favor, because in this situation, they are. A cryptocurrency sportsbooks will provide consumers with this wonderful blessing where they give you a boost in your odds in specific bets. Why does this matter?

Simple, it can help you increase your chances to win. Is that not amazing?

It might relate to point spreads, totals, or even moneyline bets on specific events. Of course, this may carry over to players or even other units of potential wager opportunities.

The idea here is to let you have more fun and a bit more thrill by giving you an increased chance of winning. The force will be more in line with you in this situation and it is in your interest to use it wisely.

The creator of this space will give you the opportunity and make a sacrifice on their current earnings but will build a longer-lasting relationship.

Bet Variants or Types of Bets

Straight Bets

This is where you input value into a certain event. The event will have a point spread, a total, even a money line. One of these options will be present. It is simple to win here. All you must do is make sure to place a bet on the right force which will provide proper spread coverage.


This speculation option is great for those who think they will be on a roll for several attempts. Here, let me explain. You place a bet on one place, then you order another on something else, and you go for another. Then you state that you will win if all of these work out well.

Handicap Bets Explained

This is yet another simple term that we can simplify by breaking down the mere concepts. The house would provide a handicap that one would need to jump over for a specific choice in an event. This is present when one is taking chances on several popular options.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management seems like it is not a high priority when it comes to your money but it is very high up there for punters of all sorts. Those who want to stay in the game must do so by participating in the right actions on a consistent basis. Success does not come randomly it comes with patience and diligence.

It is the actions that you take a day in and day out that will help you to make a difference each day and end up in the right area. Value generation each day drives successful people in this field forward. The season is there for people who want to take action that will generate substantial value.

But how do you do that? Discipline and commitment. You must learn how to govern your bankroll.

The question here is what is a bankroll in Bitcoin sportsbook and why does it matter? In simple terms, this is the funds you obtain and utilize to have fun with different events. Remember that this is the portion of funds that you will place in a bucket just for these playful activities.

If you were to govern your funds wisely then you will gain profits and continue to have more opportunities to play for a long time. If you don’t you will need to work and figure out how to gain more funds to play. The critical point here is to make fantastic decisions and be up each day throughout the seasons.

The lack of a system will create problems for you but having one will help you learn and progress to your goals. A critical rule here is to not lose, to minimize risk, and maximize opportunity. You may make real gains in one area but lose in areas where you must win to surpass your current level.

What strategies are present? How can you govern your value?

Unit Allocation and Optimization

The main idea here is that one unit is the foundational portion of the money that you have at the present moment to allocate to your betting activities. You will look at your portion of value as units and understand what you started with and where you end. It helps to simplify the process and track your growth.

Alright, so what is a unit?

We can classify each unit as less than three percent of the entire portion of funds. Each unit must be guarded wisely and invested in the right manner. If you split each unit up like this you are likely to minimize losses and see more gains.

Remember that you do not want to yield to damage.

Trailing Your Bets

Data is important and it helps in more ways than one. How can you collect the right data and manage it well in your bankroll governance? We suggest that you keep it quite simple and use an excel sheet or a similar version in the cloud. The inputs here are the date you made your wager, the event, the decision, and spread, in addition to the portion of units you did deploy in such a scenario. Don’t forget to record your results. Did you gain units or did you lose units?

But what if you want to become even more obsessive?

You can choose to do that if you want by scribing the time you played when the game went off, and even aspects such as the weather. The more data you have the better is for you to understand your habits and overall reality.

A full base of data is vital to run efficient operations where you can understand when you will make gains and when you will lose. The more information you have the better it is for you in picking up patterns. You must understand where you find points of prosperity and where you find points of downward trajectories. As you improve your operations you can become a better punter and live differently.

This is merely the foundation with regard to your bankroll. Let’s understand a few more comprehensive stratagems.

Bankroll Management Stratagems

Before we proceed, we must make sure that we are looking at it from a basic standpoint and then a more evolved manner. We must always look at these options in a way that will bring about the most value overall and one that is simple for us. Each speculator does so in a way that is somewhat unique to them. That is why we implore people to find out what works and use that process.

Remember to move past break-even in your path.

Steady Unit Model

The steady unit model is one that will help those who are just getting started in their speculative activities. One can govern with this steady unit model to begin. The reason why many recommend this approach is that it is not variable and does not require great intelligence or complexity integration. It is beautiful because it is simple.

With this approach, you must only conduct apples to apples operations. That means that you must allocate one unit to each choice. Nothing more and nothing less. Only one unit. The only thing that matters in this method is that you keep it as simple as possible and only deal with one unit per decision.

Let’s take an example here. You have $30,000 for your total bankroll. If you were to take less than 3% of it you would only take $750 for this one unit. You would make the plays over one entire season, record that, and understand your results.

No one gets rich quickly here but they can succeed wildly over time. Always play with money you can afford to lose. That is why even though this season is only a bit of money we can optimize for the best. When you’ve done well with the small amount of funds then you can do great with larger portions of capital. Remember that each unit will grow as you become more successful.

Never ever get too overconfident, always optimize for steady growth. Why do people love this approach of data collection and speculation? It is simple and you only have to aim to outdo your break-even amount. What don’t they like about this process? A potential loss of massive opportunity. You won’t gain as much if you were a bit more liberal.

The Ratio Model (Percentage)

The first one is about a dollar amount but instead, it is about a fixed percentage. If you begin with $100,000 and you stipulate that one unit is equal to only 1% of your total amount then you will only use $1,000 for the whole season. Each bet would have to be a percent of $1000. As you win more, you will allocate a little more. It is all about that specific unit and the percentage change.

With this model, you will deploy around a percent or two of your entire bankroll and unit for that season. The percentages can change and help you gain more. The issue here is that recovery can be brutal as you will need to make up the percentages.

The Potential Return Approach

You can automatically see the difference in the title. See, the steady and percentage model is all about your bankroll. This one is all about the results and is focused on what the gains look like in the end. For instance, to be more clear it will look at the odds and make bets based on those odds. The idea here is to gain the unit instead of looking at it from a loss perspective.

Here’s an example of this approach, let us say that you are going against the spread. This means that you will see odds of at least -110 to win .91 of your total wager portion (100/110 =.91). So what do you do here? You would then place 1.10 because your aim is to win 1 unit not just most of a unit.

If you are placing a bet long odds candidate, you would obviously bet less and only wager a smaller portion to win that entire unit. Of course, in this approach we are stating that favorites have more potential whereas the lower potential candidates are more risky and would require less input.

Risk is a factor here as opposed to the bankroll only.

Confidence Approach

This is also a variable approach but you are the variable. You bet based on your level of confidence in a specific activity. The more confident you are in a potential play, you will bet more. For instance, you may use a few units in your wager if you feel you can win in a large manner.

Further, you might opt to gain more units if you feel that this a strong play. Even in this, you are balancing risk with opportunity. At most, you will only use one to three units for your moves. You want to be conservative even if you are very confident in your play.

Remember to keep a keen track when employing this strategy because it can get out of whack quickly. The better the accuracy the more you can employ this option, the worse, the less you should turn to it.

Here’s an example.

You want to bet on a basketball game and have very low confidence in a play, you will only bet small like one unit. If you have a larger faith, then you will bet two units, if even more, then three units. Remember that there is also a half unit option you can turn to when you have little confidence but it can win big.

But when utilizing this approach do not get carried away as overconfidence can lead to hubris. Everyone has times where they lose in a regular fashion and you do not want to push your confidence.

The Kelly Criterion Approach

You should only use this if you are an expert and have been doing very well in the more simple approaches. If you use this without expertise then you will find yourself in a world of hurt. Think about this one like this, you will note down how certain your likelihood of winning is and then employing it.

Focus on the potential return times your potential likelihood of winning and then subtract your loss probability. Then divide that by the potential return. You will learn the value of your bankroll to bet.

Live Bets with Bitcoin

Live bets are a new aspect of the cryptocurrency sportsbook universe. This option lets you bet on events as they are taking place at that moment. This is pretty great for those who want to be in on the action while things are happening. Many people love this option from those in the football arena to other sports. This lets you have real action while it is happening.

What is fascinating about this concept?

Live odds! You can see the changing circumstances, the totals, and other aspects like money lines for the game.

One can enjoy a wide variety of sport options and use decimal odds, as well as American odds.

Most Popular Sport Titles to Bet with Bitcoin

But what kind of sport titles are popular with the leading digital asset? There are many and it will vary over time.

These include the sports of cycling, golfing, snooker, darts, volleyball, badminton, in addition to handball.

As noted before the popular sports titles will change depending on the trends and the time period. It will not be stagnant as different tastes occur over time.

Sportsbook Odds Explained

There are two main types of odds in the game. The first is decimal odds and the second is American odds.

Decimal Odds

The first one is a concept that focuses on the dollar exchanged for the amount of wins. The idea here is all about the return in its totality instead of comprehensive profit. This helps to keep things even more simple.

What is American Odds?

American Odds is quite famous in the United States. The differentiation or distinction occurs by the subtraction sign as well as the related odds and favorites. It will let you know that you will need to place X money down to get a certain portion of winnings.

The equation for the underdogs is represented by a plus sign which lets you know how much you gain per hundred that you put down.

Bitcoin Sportsbook Odds Comparison

Proper businesses who run legitimate games in this sector will provide comprehensive information per category. Remember that legitimate providers of these games will break down the different sporting events. As users navigate to their category of choice they can see the matchups and see the odds for it.

The information present can help you decide how you will want to move forward and make your choices.

Bitcoin oriented sportsbooks do not differ in how they treat their customers. Customers can expect similar experiences that they have on fiat platforms.

It is important to remember that different managers of these sites will respect odds in a different manner. One might feel that a certain player in a match would have better odds than the other one. Always remember to have a good idea of the odds by checking and filtering for the specific event or match that you seek to participate in.

To be clear, one site manager may think they have better odds in a football event while another might have a better one for basketball or boxing.

The odds are different because of perception and calculation by each different business. Each team might have different calculations and weight-specific inputs over others. Finally, each space has varying margin numbers as well. These are all points to keep in mind.

Sportsbook Bitcoin Payout

Internet book sites will vary in how they send funds. Those betting sites who favor bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can send the funds within a day or three. Initial withdrawals might take time but afterward, it should be straightforward and a seamless process. Fast payouts are par for the course in the digital era.

Different proprietors are known for their quick payouts.

Taking out cryptocurrency earnings from your book is simple after the verification and identification process. These places must be in line with rules and regulations and so they will be sure to who they are doing business with on a regular basis. Request a withdrawal after you have earnings and have taken the right precursor actions. Different sites have a specific page for this operation to make your life easier.

Bitcoin Sportsbook in USA

It is important to realize that there are at least seven legal sites in the United States that let you gamble with bitcoin.

People love to turn to these sites because they can minimize fees associated with the transfer of funds. A sportsbook will not take fees when processing these withdrawal requests and that adds value to the gamer. People appreciate the fact that there is no third party involved in this transaction that could give them problems in some form or fashion.

This lack of intermediary banks helps to smooth over the process for those who run these sites because they don’t have to deal with every single legal or financial authority as in the past. They can be generally licensed and operate without running through every single financial regulation hoop.

You can move bitcoin from a wallet or exchange account to the proprietor if you wish. Transactions occur without delay and let players move as quickly as they wish.

The Environment for those in the UK

Cheerio mate! Those that hail from the UK can participate in bitcoin betting without concern. There are several platforms that cater to people in the United Kingdom that have stellar reputations. These entities are licensed in places such as Curacao and in New Jersey.

They include games such as e-sports among traditional sports.

Bitcoin Sportsbooks FAQ

What Sports are Available on these Bitcoin Oriented Betting Websites?

Each site will have its own options but remember that they are interested in having the right amount of players and keeping them entertained. This means that they are more likely to have sports ranging from football to hockey to baseball. The emerging field of esports is also another sector that is becoming more popular and will find more audiences over time.

Are My Bitcoins Safe?

Your bitcoins are safe with many of these sportsbooks as they take the necessary precautions. They want to avoid a bad reputation and strive to be the best.

Is Bitcoin Betting Legal?

Yes, many of these betting operators are licensed and bitcoin itself is legal in many areas. It is also taxable.

Taxes and Winnings?

You do have to pay attention to taxes on your earnings in cryptocurrency. Remember to engage in tax avoidance, not tax evasion.