Bitcoin Casinos – Guide to Best Cryptocurrency Gambling Sites

For anyone even remotely aware of the history of the internet, digital casino games are not a novel concept. Starting from the classic Windows card games, casino-based gaming titles have struck a chord with computer users for a long time.

It is essential to realize that the emergence of the internet, we see these casino-based games are now present in more a digital sense, where people could place money online with bets for actual winnings. Today, the web-oriented gambling sector is a multi-billion dollar business, it is widely recognized and operated all over the world.

With the emergence of new play engines and money movement methods, these internet gambling sites have also adapted to the ever-changing world of modern technology. One of these components belongs to the adoption of cryptocurrencies, which makes way for leading Bitcoin and other crypto casinos.

What are Bitcoin Casinos?

Seasoned casino gamers and avid cryptocurrency users may have already heard of the intersection where these two worlds collide for the satisfying result of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin gambling.

Simply put, Bitcoin provides many different play options which one can see is perfectly reminiscent of those that are in the present in the real-life world. With the ability to immerse in a virtual casino experience and utilize digital assets for placing their bets, cryptocurrency and casino aficionados have started flocking to bitcoin casinos as of late.

How Do Bitcoin and Crypto Casinos Work?

At a typical Bitcoin gambling site, you can quickly find the online iterations of your favorite table, card, and even slot games. The experience is quite similar to what you would experience when you would walk into the Bellagio or somewhere else.

Remember, Bitcoin casinos are just another version of conventional online casinos, with the added support for cryptocurrency bets and payments.

However, this additional acceptance of cryptocurrency isn’t just an added feature. It elevates the user experience in many ways as compared to traditional entities of this nature.

How Do Bitcoin Casinos Differ from Regular Casinos?

The biggest and most evident difference between crypto and traditional casino is that you can move money to and from with digital tokens representing systems like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. While Bitcoin casinos facilitate full use of this innovative transaction option, typical gambling houses are limited to currencies such as the dollar and the euro.

Whether you are moving value to your Bitcoin account or taking out your winnings to your personal cryptocurrency wallet, you can finalize the process without any issues.

Bitcoin entities also have comparatively newer games on them due to the integration of novel transaction technology. Whereas, you can find a mix of old and fresh titles on typical casinos.

Since most Bitcoin casinos also accept fiat payments, they don’t have any shortcomings as compared to typical online casinos.

The Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos for Players

As compared to conventional transaction methods, Bitcoin money transfers bring about these positive aspects.

Provably Fair

It is essential to realize that Bitcoin casinos often back their gaming titles with a provably fair test, which means that the gaming system is completely impartial.


Remember that these games work with top notable vendors while also complying with local regulations, which gives you an added peace of mind.

Payout Terms

Digital currency oriented gambling places have relaxed payout terms, which expedites the process and skips the wait time. That’s right, instead of forever and a few more days, value transfer can be much faster.


Bitcoin gambling houses come with full support services through various modes of contact. This allows you to get help via methods such as live chat, phone, and email.

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

Bitcoin play entity payments are also completed faster than typical casinos. This applies to both inward and outward transfers.

Low Transaction Fees

Cryptocurrency casinos also have decreased transaction costs. Transfer bigger winnings without having to pay a large cut in movement fees.

Are There Any Licensed Bitcoin Casinos?

Yes, one can find various web housed cryptocurrency play houses that comply out of territories that accept gambling under their respective law.

But remember that not all crypto casinos hold this distinction. Many platforms can still operate without a license until they are caught and their operations cease.

This is why, it’s important to search for those that adhere to full compliance with local laws. This ensures that you are dealing with a credible entity.

Bitcoin Casinos Status in the USA

Select territories in the greatest nation on earth will allow their residents to take part in web-oriented gambling. If you live in one of these areas, you can easily place your bets on your favorite chance-oriented games.

To make be fully certain that someone like yourself is complying with the local law, be aware and check your state’s stance on online gambling before creating an account on a typical casino or a Bitcoin platform. This makes sure that you steer clear of any potential issues during your experience.

With that being said, enjoying Bitcoin gambling in the USA is fairly easy if you live in a gambling-friendly state and know which credible provider to reach for gaming solutions.

To help you through, here is a short introduction to a smart and modern accessible entity that caters to players worldwide as well as one that works in the USA.

Best Casino for USA and UK Players

For those who are in the USA or the UK, two very difficult territories for speculation, could serve as a beneficial alternative.

The space offers card options, table play, and slots, which all come with various high roller and beloved jackpot games options. is one that will embrace many tokens, nice deposits, and smooth withdrawals of money. The entity is also big on bonuses as well as consistent promos. For those who do not frequent this world as much, the platform also provides comprehensive guides as well as robust customer support.

While the interface is a little jarring on PC, it translates well on tablets, phones, and works seamlessly. If you are looking for a gambling solution that comes without any worries, is the place to be right now.

Best Casino for Non-US Crypto Players

As a mobile future-forward platform with compelling features, it is easy to see how Winz Casino has generated a large following for itself.

Since the platform accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies in addition to those regular payment options, it is easy to gravitate to and fall in love with this website. To enhance its value proposition, the digital gaming resort also comes with rapid customer aid options.

With a simple platform, plenty of gaming options, and an array of bonus offers, Winz Casino offers a hassle-free way to enjoy gambling from home.

If you are in a chance-play friendly territory that allows you to access Winz Casino, you can easily create an account and enjoy its modern features right away.

Welcome Bonuses in Bitcoin Casinos

If you have never tried your luck at an online casino, the consistent mention of “bonuses” may have you intrigued by now.

Simply put, it is free of cost opportunities for additional plays. This shows the casino’s appreciation towards its clients while also elevating their usage of the entity and overall offerings.

Bitcoin casinos initially introduced the concept to let people come by and check it out. They wanted to let players see and give these innovative solutions a chance. Seeing the success of the strategy, it has continued long after these cryptocurrency gaming platforms have gained traction.

While it’s true that high rollers still get better rewards, the uniformity of these offerings still applies to everyone. Whether you are a big spender or a new gambler, an experienced bettor, or a casual player, they are beneficial for all types of digital token casino clients.

Three entities stand out due to their widespread usage.

1) Match Bonuses

As their name suggests, it is all about the equal portion match by a certain percentage. Bitcoin casinos follow this approach to incentivize deposits for new and old clients.

However, the bonus isn’t just free money for you to withdraw. To protect their interests, these casino offers come with some stipulations. For instance, the withdrawal of match bonuses is usually tied to certain wagering metrics. Unless you have wagered a certain amount of money on the casino, the bonus amount remains locked for withdrawals.

What’s the point of a bonus then, you ask?

Various benefits. Especially when they come in the form of consecutive welcome bonuses. These welcome offers keep providing you with match bonuses for a few of your first deposits.

It is all about the experience and to let you play more on the casino. In the 100% deposit match scenario mentioned above, you are able to get double the amount of play without having to do much more work. Isn’t that neat?

Make sure to look out for these great goodies as you progress and become a legendary player in these digital realms.

2) Free Spins

Another popular form of bonuses is free spins. Once again, the name is pretty self-explanatory, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Free spins have become a regular offering by several Bitcoin casinos. They are often used to highlight a certain game or just to show potential clients what is present.

No cost spins are offered in various ways. Some casinos reward all existing players with free spins almost every seven days, while others only provide them to high rollers. Some platforms allow free spins on a trial basis, while others come as a bonus on new deposits.

No cost spins might only be found with slots for many places. Spins on a roulette wheel or a similar table game are typically not a part of these offerings. Do you love slots? Then you will probably see a significant portion of the opportunity to get involved in the sector.

As mentioned above, free spins are often restricted to specific games in order to promote their usage. This also gives you a chance to play new slot games without having to pay for the experience.

3) No Deposit Bonuses in Bitcoin Casinos

Another popular bonus type, another self-descriptive title. But you know the drill. There’s more to this bonus category than just its name.

No deposit bonuses pretty much do what they are called: they come without being tied to a deposit in your casino account.

These no deposit offers are usually in place to retain existing clients. Due to this reason, they often come in the form of weekly bonuses or monthly bonuses.

Sometimes, these bonuses are just delivered to all players on a platform. At other instances, they are only offered to specific players who are playing at a set frequency.

They come as no cost offers. These no-deposits can either apply to a certain game or to a specific category of slots. This gives you plenty of opportunities to enjoy some free play.

However, they are not just bound to one segment of no cost spins. They are also offered in so-called cash prize bonuses. This cash prize is a deposit that goes directly into your casino account. As you may have guessed by now, withdrawing the amount right away isn’t possible. You often need to wager it on the platform multiple times.

To summarize, these types of no-deposit or account bonuses are often provided to new players as trial offers. But they are also given to existing users as loyalty rewards. This dual benefit makes no deposit bonuses quite a hit among casinos and players alike. For cryptocurrency casinos, it’s good marketing. For clients, it’s free play.

What is Bonus Wagering Requirements?

The bonus wagering requirement is a popular policy for many conventional online casinos. This is why, it’s no surprise to see it being replicated in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gambling platforms.

Simply put, the bonus wagering requirement refers to a specific wagering or transaction limit that the player must reach before being able to withdraw their bonus amount and any winnings made from it.

As specified above, this requirement encourages players to spend more time on the casino even if they are essentially playing a few games for free. But more importantly, this also prevents any misuse of bonus offers in terms of abrupt withdrawals.

This is why, most players understand the reasoning behind this particular restriction pretty easily. Even when they are not able to withdraw their bonus amount or any winnings that they made through it, it makes sense from a business perspective.

What is difficult to understand is the way different casinos enforce their bonus wagering requirement. Since this policy depends upon the discretion of each casino, each of these gambling platforms has its own way to implement it.

This is why, you can easily see 20x, 30x, or 50x wagering requirements across various casinos. But even if the requirements seem complex, they are not impossible to comprehend.

By default, a 35x requirement explains that you would need to wager 35 times your bonus amount in order to withdraw your bonus funds and any winnings that result through it. Similarly, a 40x requirement refers to wagering 40 times your bonus amount to qualify for bonus and resulting winning withdrawals.

Some casinos also limit the bonus wagering requirement to the number of transactions. But that practice is rare and isn’t followed across the board.

Games Available to Play At Bitcoin Casinos

Thanks to the advancements in technology, virtual casino games are no longer restricted to 2D card games. With highly immersive graphics and realistic gameplay, you can now find a variety of traditional games at online Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos.

At a typical crypto casino, you can find the digital iterations of some of the most popular table games, card games, and slots. But that’s not all. You can also delve into live casino offerings, where a human dealer orchestrates popular games to give you a real casino visit right from your home.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are some of the most popular games that you can find on nearly all Bitcoin casinos.


There are multiple types of slots available at almost every Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casino. Along with translating the conventional gameplay format to a digital version, online slot games also follow interesting visual designs and gameplay that aren't available in a physical casino game.

With different designs, background stories, and music scores, these slot games, and their various iterations are a big hit among gambling enthusiasts. This is why you can easily find them at almost any casino platform.

Live Casino Games

As the same suggests, these live casino games involve a live stream that's presented by a human dealer. Typically streamed from casinos or themed sets, live games emulate the experience of a real casino where your game is dealt by a professional.

Typically, while you can see the dealer in these games, the dealer cannot see you. This gives you the comfort of visiting a real casino from your home without having to dress up for the occasion.


Whether you are a novice casino player or an experienced bettor, you must have heard of this classic casino game that relies on a deck of cards. Apart from its American iteration dubbed blackjack, it is also available in other related versions such as pontoon, twenty-one, and its French iteration Vingt-et-Un.

All of these variations can be found easily over online casino games. These games present this casino staple with highly immersive graphics. But if you are looking for a more realistic experience, you can find them in live games as well.


Roulette is also a casino classic that’s known and played all over the world. In fact, it is one of those games that has distinct versions labeled after the regions they originated in. Some of these popular types include American, European, and French roulette.

Roulette also comes in multi-wheel versions, which makes the game more complex yet interesting for some. You can find all of these versions in digital as well as live casino forms on various Bitcoin gambling platforms.


Baccarat is yet another casino game that is often a mandatory offering by conventional casinos. The game uses cards and a specialized table, where the equipment is used by the help of a dealer.

In online casino games, baccarat can be found in both virtual and live casino versions. Since the game is just as exciting as it is popular, it is a favorite for new and old players alike. When the game is offered by a reliable provider, it lets you enjoy the thrill of being in a casino through your screen.

Table Games

Apart from these popular games, various other card and table games such as Texas hold ‘em, Royal hold ‘em, as well as other forms of poker are also available in these casinos.

Some platforms also offer specialized games such as video poker. The availability of these games depends upon the gambling platform and its partnerships with software or game developers. This is why, it’s important to check if your chosen online casino even has your favorite games before you create an account on it.

What are KYC Procedures?

While creating your account on an online casino, you may often run into the requirements for account verification. The know your customer (KYC) procedure is a part of this process.

As the term suggests, the KYC procedure helps casinos understand who they are doing business with. This allows them to maintain compliance with local authorities to prevent money laundering and illegal funds transfer practices.

With that being said, not all Bitcoin casinos require the KYC procedure to get completed. Instead, they only bring up their KYC requirements in terms of larger deposits or withdrawals. This helps them make sure that they are not inadvertently helping someone move their funds illicitly.

When the KYC requirement does arise, credible Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos make sure that the process is as easy for the players as possible. During the procedure, they just need the digital copies of your ID documents as well as your contact information.

In most cases, this documentation does the trick. In certain cases, you may need to provide more documents. This additional need can vary on a circumstantial basis.

What are Mobile Bitcoin Casinos?

Mobile Bitcoin casinos are gambling platforms that are compatible with mobile devices.

But these casinos do not strictly need to offer their services in the form of a mobile app. Thanks to the advancements of web-based applications, you can now find Bitcoin casinos that offer a hassle-free mobile experience directly from their website.

In today’s day and age where most people use their mobile devices, finding mobile-friendly casinos is a must. Even if you mostly use your computer to play these games, there might be times when you can only access your mobile. Having your account at a mobile-friendly crypto casino helps you play your favorite games on the go.

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Casino

Now that you are aware of how Bitcoin gambling casinos work, it is important to learn how you can choose the best Bitcoin casino for yourself.

Thankfully, this is not an impossible task. As long as you know about the factors to look out for, it’s actually a walk in the park.


Always make certain to do your research when it comes to anything but especially bitcoin casinos. The reason why you want to do so is that you know that bitcoin is valuable and you don’t want to spend it in a way that does not bring joy and potential gambling gains.

When looking at the reputation of a casino you want to look for reviews, complaints, and the level of quality present on the site within the casino itself. No one wants to have problems when it comes to their precious leading digital assets and that is why you must take a couple of extra minutes and pay attention to the gambling house you gravitate to in the present and the future.


Technology and the way it is expressed is a high priority. That means that one should present website designs in a way that is compelling, efficient, and trustworthy. It must look professional and easy to navigate. A great site design shows a compelling foundation and helps users to get comfortable with the site as quickly as possible.

The right sites will also strive to improve their design and become better over time. Proper establishments will treat their users with respect and create designs that speak volumes and improves mood and play experience.

Remember that you are accessing these sites from your home and it is important to still have a great experience regardless.

Selection of the Games

A variety of games is important but remember that it doesn’t make the place less respectable. If a site offers just a few games it might mean that it would like to focus on the games and improve the experience as more people come and play.

Different operators have different strategies and ways that they would like to run their operations and will offer games accordingly.


All bitcoin gambling houses are not the same. Some are licensed and others are not. Now, licenses in the world of cryptocurrency are intriguing as it is supposed to be a decentralized world. While an increasing population of these houses is letting people play with the leading digital asset they might not all have the legal green light.

This might be a problem for some users.

Those that prefer to play in a more secure and protected manner might choose a bitcoin casino that has the proper licenses. If you are a fan of gambling make sure to invest your time and gain joy from a site that you can trust with your hard-earned bitcoin.

These places turn to bitcoin players because they understand the value of the leading digital asset. Further, the blockchain-based asset provides players with more opacity and privacy in many instances. It allows the player and the casino to increase more transactions without potential concerns. The issue for the player is that of recourse, a player may need to have a way to appeal to a third party to find a way back to their funds.

A licensed entity may offer more safety in that regard.

Further, places such as the humble Mediterranean land of Malta and Gibraltar are frequent licensing powers.

If you are looking for more safety, search entities that carry a license and that will cater to players that will use Bitcoin. One can find these badges of regulation on the site at the bottom of the page. It can get even more tricky here because an entity can have a license and not have all the necessary governmental blessings to operate in a safe manner.

These entities are different because they are more likely to be more respectable and pay more attention to the aspect of security. A higher level of banking security might also be a factor with these entities as well. These sources are keener to have fewer complaints and have a better reputation. Customer support will also be more present with licensed operators as well due to the nature of the situation.

Welcome Offers

Offers are usually known as bonuses and many houses treat their fans and punters to a wide variety of bonuses. This helps to create a stronger relationship between the brand and the end-users. Houses are more prone to do so because they want to let players know that they appreciate them. Players feel good and houses are able to express gratitude.

What do punters get in their bonus? They might get the opportunity to play for free and on the house. The house will sometimes invest alongside the player in the bonus. That means if a player were to deposit 1 BTC then the house would also match a portion or all of it, giving the player two bitcoins to play with. 100% matches are always a pleasure to have and hold.

Many of these operators will stick with this standard practice and give players the appreciation they deserve. It might be called different names but will always have the same end result.


These entities keep everything interesting in more ways than one. This promotional and fun nature is expected and it is a great way to release dopamine and serotonin in the minds of people who frequent these spots. Players can avail referral rewards and even those that they offer for the season. That means that one can take advantage of holiday offers and be of good cheer.

One can also see wonderful perks for being loyal and getting treated like a VIP.

Live support

Live support is also necessary in this day and age and helps to improve the customer experience. This is an item that you will want to watch out for as you navigate your way through this world. Remember that having someone to reach out to when you find yourself in need will be very helpful.

Deposits and Withdrawals in Multiple Crypto Assets

This is a feature that is helpful for those who love to dabble in the crypto world with a variety of assets. But some casinos only offer one or two assets to keep things simple overall. If you think that this helps you to improve your play experience and improves your potential gains then by all means search for one that will meet your needs.

How to make a proper choice?

Choosing a crypto casino is fairly simple if you know what you are looking for in your gameplay. All houses will not offer the same games, options, and features.

You must decide what you are interested in and then stick to that before branching out. The main draw of these speculation houses is that of their content and if you are not pleased with it then you must move elsewhere.

The next aspect is regulations, features, and promotions. Always ask yourself questions such as are they licensed, do they have the right features to make my life more comfortable and enjoyable and what do I love about their promotions?

Then you want to know if anything bad happened in the past that is related to the casino. Did it have any issues with the players? Does it try to be as helpful as possible? Does it have great customer service?

Asking these questions will cover most bases and will help you get started on your gambling journey.

Bitcoin Casinos FAQ

How do I register?

Most people want to know how they can register for an account at these places. It is usually straightforward but might vary slightly from place to place. All you need to have is a working email and the registration usually takes only several clicks to complete.

Where Do I input my bitcoin?

This is a question that many new players ask. They can usually find the deposit address and then transfer their bitcoin or another crypto to the respective address.

Can I Withdraw My Money?

Yes you can take out your money and winning when you want. You can see terms like cash out or withdraw and then send your funds to the right address at most times of your choosing. Each operator might have different rules regarding this action.

What is the best bitcoin gambling house?

This is a question that can only be answered by looking into what you want and what you are comfortable with having in your gameplay.

Can I play from anywhere?

It depends on if you want to follow the legal rules or if you want to bypass that with technology.

Where is the best bonus?

This will change over time as more entities compete to draw in players. Remember to reach out to each house to see if they have changed their offers.

Are new proprietors popping up everywhere?

They are not popping up everywhere but will continue to gradually grow as more people get interested in the world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. The digital sector grows each year and more people continue to allocate resources to it on an annual basis.

Are there any bitcoin-only casinos?

Yes, there are at least ten great bitcoin-only casinos for crypto enthusiasts and maximalists like you. They have been around for quite a while and hold stellar reputations so you won’t have any trouble when playing with these hosts.