Burst (BURST) Analysis

Market Cap

$56,160,063 USD

Volume (24h)


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Ranking factors:

  • Markets

    How many exchanges are there to trade this coin?

    Burst Markets Rank: 1/100

  • Volume Ratio

    How actively is this asset being traded on the market?

    Burst Volume Ratio Rank: 1/100

  • Market Cap

    The total cost of all coins available.

    Burst Market Cap Rank: 95/100

  • 24h Change

    Is the price moving up or down?

    Burst 24h Change Rank: 64/100

  • Social Following

    How many users are following this coin?

    Burst Social Following Rank: 95/100

  • Google Trends

    How many users are searching for the coin?

    Burst Google Trends Rank: 49/100

  • Twitter Citation

    How many users are talking about this coin in Twitter?

    Burst Twitter Citation Rank: 29/100

  • User Voting

    How popular is this coin among Cointobuy community?

    Burst User Voting Rank: 1/100

Burst investment analysis

This coin is thus far the only one operating under the Proof of Capacity algorithm. While Proof of Work depends mostly upon the power of a computer's graphics card, this system instead utilizes unused hard drive space.

This has made this currency popular with those who happen to have a ton of drives laying around which they could be using to earn coins. The benefits of this being of course that it's more energy efficient than GPU mining.

From this idea, the team behind this coin has since instituted more developments in order to make it a viable currency. Their network is infinitely scalable. Transactions occur instantly, and free from any fees.

Interestingly, they've combined this with tangle, in order to allow their users even more freedom when utilizing blockchain for payments. If you're interested in making a Burst investment, then it's worth it to read up on this procedure to see how it works, we'll talk more about it in a second.

Burst investment price
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The tool analyzes each currency for the 6-month historical price data, searches for possible patterns and showing the possible price in the coming months.

Burst Rating

The current coin position in cryptocurrency rankings by Safety Rank and Potential Profit.

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How to buy Burst?

If you're looking to buy Burst, then you can do so on a number of high ranking exchanges. This coin benefited from being released during a time when it was easier to be listed in these places. Bitcoin is the highest volume trading pair available, but there's also a surprising number of fiat currency pairs that have some volume too. Investors should be able to easily create a trade using GBP, USD or EUR if they would prefer to use those.

This coin has its own chain, and that means you'll need to use the official wallet in order to store your investment properly. They have made available desktop wallet installation files for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Alternatively, they also offer a web wallet and an Android wallet, however, the iPhone wallet is still under construction at this time. Always back up your wallet files or seed phrases in order to protect your investments.